This is a blog about the Words Lyric Video

This was the hardest of the lyric videos to make.

It required a lot of prep work:

- Searching through messages for key words

- Screen capping the words

It required a lot of video editing, like

- Deciding how to highlight the words?

- Actually highlighting the words?

I don’t know, it doesn’t seem like so much right now when I’m trying to write about it, but I know that this video was several times more difficult to make than the others.

Come to thing of it, this song was the hardest one to record, too. That end part with the overlapping male and female vocals took was hard to figure out. I re-recorded it so many times that I thought Ben was going to hate me and stop mixing my shit. I eventually realized that the different vocal parts had to be in different registers- when I sang both parts it was just too muddy. I got Vanessa Spear to record the vox from Nashville, she is very kind.

I think a lot about words. One time I wrote a short story wherein after I was dead my family decided to taxidermy my body. They stuffed it with scraps of all the shit I had ever written. They put me in a house, which was also made of all of the things that I’d written. They lit it on fire.

I doubt that this is actually what will happen to my body. This is not a living will.

Sam Columna