This is a blog about the Seeing Someone Lyric Video

X Men: Avengers in Theaters Summer 2020

I’m writing this lyric video while I’m listening to a New Yorker short story called “Cat Person,” — Advisory it’s got sexual content and is awkward. Also, now that I finished it, it is depressing.

You can’t really write a thing and listen to a thing at the same time. You also probably can’t read a thing and listen to a different thing at the same time, so if you’re listening to Cat Person just go do that. It’s like 40 minutes long but sometimes literature is important, and even though the New Yorker is a little pretentious I mean what would JD Salinger have done without them? And also one of my favorite things is when you finish reading or writing a thing, or you’re in the middle of it, and you can feel your brain thinking in the style of whatever you’re reading.

To the lyric video though. To the song. Seeing Someone is the title track of this EP that I’ve been working on. I wrote a little in the blog about Couples Therapy about how something I’m playing with in the EP is icons and etc and, spoiler alert, there are actual icons in this video, not just stock footage icons.

It’s funny too how words can not mean what they mean, or how words can just turn into little stick figure pictures, or how difficult it is to really believe what somebody says to you. It’s why the chorus of the lyric video is expressed via emoji. It’s probably something else that I’m playing with in this EP, how words are not really words, and the world is run by an advanced Crayfish overlord.

Anyway, this has been interesting. I played with the idea of “seeing” and the idea of “someone” and I made it hard to read the words sometimes, with the message being: seeing someone is hard (spoiler alert: two levels, metaphors, form=function).

Sam Columna