This is a blog about the Couples Therapy Lyric Video

It's a bit late, because I just now decided that I'd like to write little blogs to talk about the lyric videos. Maybe hopefully I will write a blog about the Seeing Someone Lyric video and post that right afterwards.

Couples therapy was the second song that came out of my 2018 24 hr album project. It was the first song that was not complete garbage. It has an interesting chord change or two, and the melody covers that chord change, and I like that.

My initial thought for the lyric video was to put the lyric on top of footage of people fighting. What I really wanted to find was footage of that old Rock em Sock em Robots boxing toy - but it's important to find footage that you're legally allowed to use, and besides that the song ended up being long enough to need multiple footage(s). 

I went down a bit of a stock footage rabbit hole at I looked for people fighting. I looked for happy couples. I looked for dogs. Eventually I came across some suspicious working out softcore stock footage and suddenly the lyric video made an odd turn. I thought that I wanted it to feel like I was subliminally hinting at something. Was I hinting at something? Was I just putting random footage together? Who really knows.

Something that I'm playing with in the art for this EP is icons, symbols that represent a person, the difficulty of seeing a person as real thing, not an emoji or a triangle with legs and arms and a head. I told myself, stock footage goes well with this thought. These people are fake. This is not a real proposal. Form = Function. Take me back to poetry school and cover me in sugar, please.

Sam Columna