Hey, Coral —

Watching the episode of the Walking Dead where Lorie gives birth and dies and it’s like- wupgh.

Working on making a Patreon page and the secret hope is that making the page will make me make things. I’m pretty sure that that’s not how Patreon was intended. Like you’re supposed to have some kind of an audience before you can ask an audience to give you money. FOR EXCLUSIVE BEHIND THE SCENES CONTENT. It feels ridiculous but I think I have to give it an honest go. 2019, release an album in 4 parts. Be consistent with Patreon or some shit. Not or some shit. Actually do it. This is the first year. This is the year. 29 isn’t too old. People have whole other careers and then after that decide that they want to be musicians and make Patreon pages and stuff like that.

Solid ep of the walking dead. No doubt. I’m just thinking how I don’t really want to keep watching and get more attahed to Glenn just to watch him die. I also can’t really believe that there are 8 (9?) seasons of this.

So theoretically you have an audience before you get a Patreon page, but maybe having a Patreon page can just like be the thing that keeps me consistent. And helps me to push to build an audience. I don’t really want to like push/spam out to lots of people on facebook or anything. But eveytime that I make something I can link to the patreon. that’s legit. That’s not too much.

Cuz season 2 and so far season 3 are pretty legit. Butlikenothingcanbegoodforeverright.

Goals probably. Make and release a thing every two weeks for a year. Release the album next year in 4 parts. 4 shows. that’s a lot of goals. Need to release EP soonishhh. This calendar year.

Sam Columna